Product care

To Keep Your Exotic Leather Product Beautiful As The Years Pass, We Recommend Following These Guidelines For Its Care:
  • Beware not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces, especially the crocodile or ostrich leather.
  • Keep your product away from damp or humid environments and avoid direct exposure to sunlight, keep your product away from any direct source of heat (radiators, car interiors overheated by the sun, etc).
  • Avoid contact with greasy substances, cosmetics, perfume, and hydroalcoholic solutions, as well as any material (magazines, other leathers, etc.) that may transfer their colored pigments onto the product.
  • Keep your product away from water. Should it get wet or dirty on the surface, dry with a lint free, light-colored, absorbent cloth. Never use soap or solvent.
  • In order to protect your product when you are not using it, store it in the Laurus protective pouch provided.
  • Ageing: Exotic leather will become more supple and beautiful with time. The leather will evolve as a testimony to its owner’s experiences, giving each bag a personal and unique touch.
  • Taking proper care of your Laurus product will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty for many years.