At LAURUS we want you to enjoy your exotic leather handbag all day, every day, season after season. Each piece is made by hand in our workshop in northern Italy using techniques that have been refined to perfection by generations of highly skilled artisans. We source the finest grade of exotic leathers from Italian tanneries to produce pieces of art, crafted to last and designed to stand-out.

Multi-generational artisans in our workshop in northern Italy bring our collection to life by hand cutting, painting and stitching each individual piece.

Watch our Making Of video below to go behind the scenes with our Italian artisan team.

Our workshop of talented Italian craftsmen and craftswomen has to be highly skilled to work with authentic ostrich and crocodile leather, the most prestigious leathers in the world. Our authentic exotic leather handbags are made all the more luxurious by the quality of the leatherwork that is delivered by the artisans in our workshop. LAURUS exotic leather purses are prized not just for the quality of the exotic leather, but also because of the quality of the Italian craftsmanship.