Our Story

Laurus was founded to create individually handcrafted pieces, each unique in their own right. Each piece is a work of art that is meant to be cherished daily, not saved in the back of a closet for special occasions. We reject today’s era of mass luxury and believe in elevating the aesthetic of the enlightened conscious fashionista, who is passionate about both slow fashion and ethical and fair-trade supply chains.

Laurus stems from the Latin word for “Triumph.” The brand was inspired by the victories of those individuals persevering in the face of daily adversity. Laurus pieces are opulent, yet functional and intended to empower those that carry them to face their unique set of everyday challenges. In this era of mass globalization, we recognize the exceptionality of those that embrace their individuality. Those that refuse to conform, and triumph in their respective fields and endeavors. Unlike other fashion houses we are not tied to a past, we are born of the now – a modern brand for the modern woman and man.

Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted by hand in Lombardia, Italy by artisans with decades of experience, using techniques passed down from generations. Extremely limited pieces of each collection are produced. We use genuine exotic leathers so that each piece has a unique and natural quality. This is considered part of the artistic beauty of each piece. Our Italian designers create timeless investment pieces that are both eye-catching and pragmatic and that are treasured for years, not simply for a season.

LAURUS accessories have been adored by everyone from CEOs and Royalty. The brand has been featured in publications including Marie Claire, WWD, Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler, Vogue, Business of Fashion and others.
Our exotic leather bags are simply gorgeous. Whether you are looking for a crocodile leather handbag or an ostrich leather handbag we have your luxury handbag needs covered.Your dream exotic leather purse can be created with the assistance of our bespoke services.