Platinum Delivery Service

We believe that exceptional bags call for exceptional service.

We appreciate and understand the investment you have made with your purchase, so we offer a service that exceeds all expectations and provides an in-store experience all at the convenience of your personal residence.

This service is included with any purchase of €10,000 or more.* For orders that do not automatically qualify, you can request the service for a fee.  

LAURUS’ platinum delivery service offers personalized delivery by specially-trained LAURUS sales associate.

Upon receiving your qualifying order, we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time, catered to your availability. As with any order, if there are customizations, our design team will be frequently in touch with you about your special order to make sure it is created to perfection! Dressed in distinct and elegant uniforms, our personnel delivers purchases to customers’ residences with the utmost care. At the time of delivery, our sales associate will unpack the package and take the time to demonstrate and explain the features of the piece. And of course, they never show up empty handed. As with any LAURUS purchase, you have the right of refusal should your expectations not be completely exceeded. 

*Qualifying locations only. Our Platinum Delivery Service is now available throughout most major cities in Europe, and select cities in the US, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco.