The entire creation of each LAURUS piece takes place in our design studio in Milan. Our talented team of designers and craftsmen continue to revolutionise exotic skin handbags and elevate standards of creativity and craftsmanship.

Exotic pieces are like works of art. They have to be meticulously crafted, and because of the scales of the leather, each individual piece ends up being unique.

Hand Made in Milan, Italy

The LAURUS Collection

Made To Order

A unique item that is tailor-made especially for you
Choose the leather, the color and add Gold or Diamonds

The world’s exclusive producer of luxury handbags offers personalized customization bags with Laurus Made To Order.

You can't buy happiness.

You can buy bags.

Material Matters

Laurus only uses Crocodile and Ostrich leather from animals raised for this purpose and are not an endangered species in the wild. 

Endorsed by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species international agreement).


Exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary quality of exotic leather used have always characterised the Laurus’ collection.

Laurus has revolutionised exotic skin bags and elevated the standards of creativity and craftsmanship. The handmade care that goes into each piece results in quality that lasts a lifetime.

The innovative techniques utilised by our dedicated craftsman results in unconventionally elegant exotic leather bags that are timeless, durable and elegant.

Let's Get Personal

Every Laurus product is unique. They are as unique as each of our customers with extraordinary personalities and superlative standards. Owning a Laurus product is a great responsibility – and we feel the same responsibility towards our customers too. After all, striving for perfection also includes perfect customer satisfaction.

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