Add a touch of you.

Hot stamping of initials is offered for a small fee on all purchases. More robust personalization services, such as hand-painting and nameplates, are also available for a fee. All of our fastenings can be upgraded to gold or silver plating. Diamond encrusted logos and hardware are also available.


Perfect it for you.

Any of our collection pieces can be crafted in the color, finish, or material of your choice. 


Design your dream.

With our design expertise and our artisanal Italian manufacturing process, Laurus offers a dynamic luxury bespoke experience. Clients can visit us at our offices in Milan and meet with a designer to design their dream bag. You describe your ideal bag and specify every detail you desire, including the silhouette, dimensions, materials, color, clasps, pockets, and personal touches. Your dedicated designer will create sketches and computer aided designs for your approval and then ensure that our artisans turn your dream design into reality.
If you are unable to come into our design studios, our designers are happy to conduct your design consultations via the digital communication platform of your choice.