The Laurus Story

The luxury experience is one that begins and ends with the product as a masterpiece, but behind every experience lies an interesting story.

Laurus stems from the Latin word for “Triumph”, a word that kept coming up for Obi in his vision for the brand which was officially founded on July 7th 2016. In November of that same year, he presented his first collection of exotic leather handbags under the name Laurus.

Laurus’ vision is to make exceptional handbags for exception people delivered with exceptional service and attention to detail.

What really differentiates the brand from others is the focus on function as much as style for today’s modern woman. Laurus was created for the woman who is powerful, always on the go, but still wants to look chic and elegant.

Laurus’ bags are truly iconic. Carefully crafted with a variety of crocodile and ostrich leather in nuanced, unique gradations of color, what truly sets them apart are the details. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand with only the highest quality materials, used from start to finish.

Purchasing a Laurus bag is not buying into fashion but rather investing in style and in a piece that will last for generations.

The man at the helm of Laurus’ heritage is founder Obi Okoronkwo. While the brand was officially founded in July 2016, there were many intricate twists and turns along the way that led him into becoming the creator of a luxury brand.

Born and raised in London, initially Obi was drawn to a career in commodities trading, garnering a great amount of inspiration from reading Sidney Sheldon’s “Master of the Game”. After perfecting his craft in both London and Los Angeles, he then went on to enroll in the HRD Antwerp to undertake courses in both diamonds and precious minerals. Unexpectedly, this would be a keystone in the development of Laurus.

Habituating skills in the diamond industry led Obi on to conceive the idea of supplying exotic skin leather to fashion companies in Italy, during which time he gained valuable experience in the production aspect of the fashion industry.

After taking a road less travelled into the notoriously exclusive industry, Obi’s range of specific skills now allowed him to devote his energy into creating and establishing his own brand.

Laurus’ vision is to make exceptional handbags with an emphasis on Italian craftsmanship and true sustainability. These are pieces for those fashionistas who value timeless style over fast fashion.