Poolside Attire – Which styles you should take on your summer holiday?

We’ve just landed in Dubai and all we can think about is sipping a glass of champagne by the pool. 

The perfect Laurus poolside attire consists of the following:

The Aello, this Ostrich leather statement piece is a great size to fit in your essentials. All you need is a pair of beautiful sunglasses and SPF to look after your skin and also your Laurus purse. The Aello is a smaller sizes bag but has the most extraordinary bamboo handles that look fabulous with a crochet bikini.

For a bigger bag that can also fit in some more poolside essentials like soft beach towels and a pair of wedges, we adore the Laetitia handbag. This Twilight croc leather bag is so unique and is sure to stand our. 

Last but no means least we always need a crocodile leather pouchette for when we’re quickly popping for a bite to eat after a morning of sunbathing. This is where the Lily comes in so perfectly as it has a gorgeous gold side strap that can be perfectly paired with a luxurious cover up to go over your bikini.