Fashion Story in South Africa: Behind the Scenes

Laurus is so much more than just designing and creating beautiful croc handbags and accessories. Behind the process lies a multi-faceted network of people and activities that are forever driving the brand forward. In light of this, we wanted to give you a peek behind the veil of one the fashion stories we shot in the magical Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens of South Africa.

It was our goal to exhibit an exotic location that emulated the timelessness of the pieces we chose to shoot. The Mila, Sascha and the Chi Italian leather handbags took center stage in the majestic African foliage.

The concept was simple, while Laurus is a handcrafted Italian brand, we wanted to shoot the classic European style against the contrasting background of exotic Africa, giving us something that we would never be able to find in Europe. The narrative of the location amalgamated perfectly with the texture of the handcrafted crocodile leather bags and accessories.

There is so much that goes into the end product of a shoot, from stylists and make-up artists to production assistants and models, almost every production is an extravaganza and this one was no different.

It was quite a journey as our production team packed to the rafters with equipment, trekked through the wilderness of these natural gardens. The location itself was booming with an array of different landscapes, from the arid, gravel strewn cycad section, to the lush, indigenous flora and fauna of South Africa all topped off by a magnificent waterfall.

As we all know, shoots always look glamorous but sometimes getting those perfect shots can be tricky and awkward. At one point we decided to climb through a fence to a forbidden area at the edge of the waterfall and while a fully glammed up model tried to hold her balance, the photographer, videographer, art director and lighting assistant all clamored to get the right shots before we got caught.

After a full day in the blazing African heat, shooting in an environment that truly emulated the timelessness of nature, and in turn Laurus, we got what we came for: A beautiful array of exotic still and motion visuals that exemplified the raw beauty of our Italian brand.

Take a look at the video below to see one of the final choices in our edit of the production.