Personalize your Laurus using diamonds or gold


The quintessential, super-luxury handbag: ultra-modern and incredibly elegant with a stylistically demanding design and the highest levels of refinement. And now, the world’s exclusive producer of super-luxury handbags offers personalized customization with Laurus Bespoke.

Laurus Bespoke provides our customers the opportunity to add a variety of unique personal touches to their Laurus handbag.

Our design team utilizes proprietary techniques to create intricate designs using diamonds and gold. Our advanced methods of personalizing bags allow us to work with a wide range of synthetic materials and exotic skins and to implement a wide range of customized designs including, but not limited to, gold and diamonds.

Complimentary hot stamping of initials is offered on all purchases in the color of your choice. More robust personalization services, such as like hand-painting, are also available for a fee.

We also offer more creative incarnations of personalization such as Laurus’ nameplates, which can be custom-manufactured with the name or letters of your choosing.

Hot stamping is free with the purchase of a bag or small leather good, but painted customization is generally more time-consuming, varied and detailed, increasing the price of a bag in most cases.

Each Laurus Bespoke is one of a kind – as individual as its owner. The level of individuality that can be achieved is subject to very few limitations.

Find your inspiration and experience a small selection of the countless possibilities available. Telephone +39-351-099-2668.

Click here to review the colors and materials of exotic skins that are available.